Official Website for VoidGate

An Action RPG under development by V5Games

Barbed Sun

Enter the VoidGate

Enter the VoidGate to attain immortality.
Dungeon Gate

Random Dungeons

Explore randomized dungeons while traveling the Void.
Cursed Star

Death is Punished

Tread carefully, death is not without consequence.
Sliced Bread

Survive the Void

To survive: Eat food sparingly. Hunger will not pester you, but it will hinder, if not kill you.
Spiky Pit

Tread Carefully

The Void is a dangerous place, for more than just monsters. Be careful where you step.
Broken Axe

The Right Weapon

There are many weapons to help you survive the Void, and many of them cursed.

About VoidGate

VoidGate is an action rpg currently in development by V5Games. It features randomly generated dungeons, dynamic combat, and an immersive story.
The Void has created the gauntlet, a dangerous replication of the world, as a way to test the mettle of willing (or unwilling) adventurers.
Success promises the reward of immortality. Failure promises death. Are you willing to risk everything?